The God of a second chance

jonah second chance

Reference: Jonah 1:15-2:10

Why did Jonah pray?

– Jonah’s reason for prayer was that he found himself in distress – a state of emotional pain and difficulty. (Jonah 2:2)
– Jonah’s hopelessness drove him to his knees.
– If what will have to make us go on our knees is distress, God could allow that distress in our lives.
– God may use adversity to draw us to Himself.
(Matthew 8:1&2, 9:1&2, 8:23, 9:27)

Reason and Timing For Jonah’s Prayer

– While the sailors were praying, Jonah was asleep.
– Jonah called the name of the Lord after he had been thrown to the sea and swallowed by the fish (While in distress).
– Jonah was scared by the fear of being banished from the Lord’s presence (Jonah 2:4)

Composition of Jonah’s Prayer

– He confesses that he has been driven away from God’s Presence (Jonah 2:4)
– He is scared by the fear of being banished from the Lord’s presence.

Outcome of Jonah’s Prayer

What happens when we call upon God?
– God never disappoints. Salvation came to Jonah.
– Those who turn to God on time, are filled with thanksgiving at the end.
– God offered a second chance to Jonah.

– Salvation is available for everyone. It is just a prayer away.